Pig Latin Translator

Pig Latin is a fun way to communicate with your friends(kind of our secret language).
Let’s decode the pig latin using a simple algorithm, and convert them into sensible “english language”.
Concept of Pig Latin: just remove the first char from the word and put in the back with suffix “ay”.
Follow the steps:

# enter some pig latin string
my_input = 'uckday ovemay illyway illynay'
# step1: separate all words and create a list out of it, using space splitter
input_list = my_input.split(' ')
# creating list to collect the correct list of words
correct_list = []
for word in input_list:
    #step 2: using negative indexing for capturing last three chars
    last_3 = word[-3:]
    #step 3: re-constructing the word, prefixing first char from last_3
    reword = (last_3[:1] + word)
    #step 4: trim last three letter(chars), resulting desired words
    refine = (reword[:len(reword)-3])
    # adding correct words to the list