Naming a Variable

Do ‘sDon’t ‘s
Can be of any length.Cannot start with a number, no spacing within name
Combination of(a-z)(A-Z)(0-9)Keywords cannot be used as identifiers
Can use _ (underscore) in betweenspecial symbols like !, @, #, $, % etc
examples: name_01,Name_01,a,b,c,d Var001, var001, long_name really_long_name_identifierexample: @name, &new, 01number, 0string,0,1,2,3 True,False, try,def,from,while,if,in,global 01_not_valid_identifier, with space

List of python keywords

False,await,else,import,pass,None,break,except,in,raise, True,class,finally,is,return,and,continue,for,lambda,try,as, def,from,nonlocal,while,assert,del,global,