Bonus Topic: Single & Double Quotes

Both, single and double quotes can be used simultaneously, just follow the code.

# Python Accepts double quotes(" ") and single quotes(' ') in same manner
# some basic example
print('A beautiful day !!!','--using single quotes')
print("A beautiful day !!!","--using double quotes")
# plus we can use both in one statement
# but, in different string of-course
print("A beautiful day !!!",'mixed--using single quotes in latter')
print('A beautiful day !!!',"mixed--using double quotes in latter")
# how to print It's a beautiful day - single quote in the message itself
# we simply use the double quotes - RIGHT!
print("It's a beautiful day",": - USING SINGLE quote INSIDE DOUBLE quotes")
# then try to use DOUBLE quotes inside SINGLE quotes
# we simply use the single quotes - RIGHT!
print('A "beautiful" day',': - USING DOUBLE quote INSIDE SINGLE quotes')
# how can we use both in one message - to print: It's a "beautiful" day
# TRICK #1 - USE FORWARD SLASH '\' >> It\'s
print('It\'s "beautiful" day',': - USING BOTH quotes INSIDE SINGLE quotes')
# TRICK #2 >>  \"beautiful\"
print("It's \"beautiful\" day",': - USING BOTH quotes INSIDE DOUBLE quotes')